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Beautiful Face for Older Women       

Ok wise women, now we have had a look at face shape, we need to take a good hard look in the mirror and what do we see on that face!!!!

Is it perfect?

What do you think?

Do you like what you see?

Well, if you said ‘yes’ sing ‘halleluiah’. Good for you. 

If your face is not perfect and you feel content, it says a lot about you and your journey of acceptance and joy.

There are some of us who might think ‘oh look at that wrinkle’ or ‘oh no, where’s that hair coming from’ or ‘if only I could have plastic surgery’ etc. 

Some of us might look and wonder– ‘Ummm, where has that young face gone’.

Well, the truth of the matter is, that young face has disappeared but a very beautiful wise face is now looking back at you. 

For goodness sake, we must be proud of what we see.
have lived!!

And although we have taken onboard the ravages of life, we really don't want the very worst things about our lives slashed across our faces.  Aim for joy and reflect that.  

So look at your face and look for your best features.  Sparkling eyes will take years off your age, a smile will help you shine and a look of interest will attract others to you.

But also spend some time and colour and enhance with your makeup. Every little bit helps to create a even more beautiful picture.  Why shouldn’t we make up until we are 100!!! 


Our faces are a mirror of our life, so work on being happy, work on being feminine, allow yourself to be positive and embrace life. Then what you will see in the mirror will be a "beautiful face” - a beautiful reflection of you.

Love your 'beautiful face".  It is your face, so polish it up and make it shine.

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